2016 Call for Submissions

FOCI Words is currently accepting proposals for featured content in 2016. Our emphasis is on written works, but recordings, videos, images, podcasts, and all other online-friendly mediums will be equally considered. Works connecting to the following topics are especially desired:

Art We Care About: A consideration of artworks, artists, aesthetic movements, etc that are personally impactful on the author. Preference will be given to discussion of under-recognized art and artists.

Art and Athletics: Work exploring the overlap between aesthetics and athletics.

Contemporary Music Performance: Topics pertaining to performance practice in contemporary music, in its widest sense.

Science Fiction: Creative fiction, critical analyses, tie-ins between science fiction and art, etc.

Proposals falling outside of the above topics will also be considered. FOCI Words is not considering previously-available works at this time, although works published through FOCI Words may be subsequently made freely available elsewhere. There are no length minimums or maximums, beyond the inherent restrictions of our upload capacity (only readily applicable to video files). Publishing dates are flexible and will be arranged on a mutually-convenient timeline following a successful proposal.

To submit, email fociarts [at] gmail.com by Friday, March 25, 2016 with a proposal outline of no greater than approximately 200 words along with links to a personal website and pertinent writing or work examples. Questions are welcome, and may be sent to the given address.