Mission Statement

FOCI Arts is a New Orleans-based organization devoted to the contemporary arts. Its focus is the promotion, education, and dissemination of a variety of art forms, in New Orleans and throughout the US, through concerts, gallery shows, public lectures, readings, and educational outreaches, as well as through FOCI Words, an online periodical  and podcast on contemporary art and creative thinking. FOCI emphasizes original, contemporary creative expression, and seeks to present such art inclusively. FOCI Arts operates on the belief that art can be unique, original, and radical without being exclusionary.

“FOCI” stands for “facilitating original creativity inclusively.” This exemplifies our core tenets:

Facilitation: FOCI enables the dissemination of art. It does so through organizing concerts, gallery shows, an online periodical, and other artistic endeavors, and through promoting education of both students and the general public. Masterclasses, open discussions, and public lectures all constitute FOCI’s educational outreach, as does an effort to foster interdisciplinary awareness through bringing artists of varying media together for conversation and collaboration.

Original Creativity: FOCI promotes original, contemporary creative expression that is underrepresented. “Original” is not a product of style but rather of personal vision: FOCI is concerned with artists who have an individuated practice that reflects their unique sensibilities, with an emphasis on younger and less professionally established artists. The specific mediums which FOCI promotes are a product of its members’ and collaborators’ interests.

Inclusively: FOCI seeks to present unconventional art in a way which is inclusive and inviting. We believe that art can be original and personal without being esoteric, and that the veneer of esotericism may be removed through communication and understanding of the motivations of contemporary artists. By inviting the public to lectures and discussions with FOCI collaborators, FOCI hopes to further understanding of the art of our time.